Quick Start Guide

3 simple steps, to have you up and running in no time!

Step 1

Prefix your image path with our server address.

The prefix allows us to connect to your image and stream it over to the ReSRC network.

<img src="http://app.resrc.it/http://www.your-site.co/image.jpg"/>

Step 2

Add our JavaScript file to your page.

The JavaScript detects image size, image optimization, browser resize and device rotation changes.

<script src="//use.resrc.it"></script>

Step 3

Tell us which images you want to be responsive

Add a class of resrc to your image elements.

<!-- Image Tag Preferred Approach (Demo: http://www.resrc.it/demos/preferred) -->
<img data-src="http://app.resrc.it//www.your-site.co/image.jpg" class="resrc"/>

<!-- Image Tag Preview Approach (Demo: http://www.resrc.it/demos/preview) -->
<img src="http://app.resrc.it//www.your-site.co/image.jpg" class="resrc"/>

<!-- CSS Background Image (Demo: http://www.resrc.it/demos/css) -->
<div style="background-image: url('http://app.resrc.it//www.your-site.co/image.jpg')" class="resrc"></div>

Trial Users

Trial users take note!

Please Note: http://app.resrc.it will not work on the 30 day trial plan. Please replace all references to http://app.resrc.it with http://trial.resrc.it for your images requests to work. View Trial Example