Quick Start Guide

2 simple steps, to have your trial up and running in seconds!

Step 1

Replace your src attribute with data-src and add a class attribute of resrc.

<img data-src="http://www.your-site.co/image.jpg" class="resrc"/>

Step 2

Add and run our JavaScript file.

<script src="//use.resrc.it/0.9"></script>
resrc.ready(function() {

Full Code

Full HTML Example.

<!doctype html>
  <title>ReSRC Simple Example</title>
  <style>.resrc { width : 100% }</style>
  <!-- 1. Add the resrc.js library -->
  <script src="//use.resrc.it/0.9"></script>
  <!-- 2. On page ready, run resrc -->
    resrc.ready(function () {
<img data-src="http://www.your-site.co/image.jpg" alt="An awesome dog" class="resrc"/>
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